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This lj is bascially dead and, as such, if you honestly want to catch me to ask questions or chat about either Scarecrow or things of a Double cheeseburger nature (the pairing, btw, not the fast food) then you're best off chasing me up on twitter:

@ soulreciever

or on Tumblr:

though if you really want to paw through my first stumbling steps in the DA family fandom into the fully fledged dork that I am today feel free.

PS: Thanks to spam bots I've now comment locked anything so this is LJ is now 100% here simply for the memories and as historical landmark for my own self I guess...AKA chase me up on one the above to get a hold of me ok!
So...yeh...I've suspended my automatic payments.

Basically I've known for a while now that LJ is not really for me any more. Not only is it pretty behind on all the auto sharing stuff but it doesn't feel anywhere near as 'interactive' as Tumblr.

Still this place has given me so much over the years and so I'm not killing the account entirely...just stepping it back because paying for things I'm not actually using is utter madness!!

Anyway dearest flist feel free to still message me here and for stalking purposes you can find me on Tumblr here: http://soulreciever.tumblr.com/ on Twitter: @soulreciever and, of course, uploading stuff to Youtube as 'Soulreciever'.

Ja ne!

And thanks for everything!!
Totally been here all this time and not utterly neglected you lot simply because my podsky is all "hey share this with Tumblr/FB???" automatically but makes sharing here effort...

anyways I'm currently bogged deep in:

. Translating 'Steal Your Misery' for the express purposes of learning it well enough that I can sing it, record myself doing as such and then upload this as part of random things for 8/8 this year.

. Translating 'Clear shining' for the express purposes of learning what OTP sing to one another durning the random sing to each other moment!

. Finally starting on getting my OTP dojinishi all scanned into the laptop and, yep that's right, translating them mainly because I can (kind of)

As far as that goes I've hit a really solid stumbling block in the form of this bad boy:


I think it's meant to be 'so' because it's the right shape apart from the top...though it might be a really badly constructed 'wo'...though it's possible it's a kanji and it's really simple shape makes finding it through the kanji dictionary more headache than joy so...

basically help!!!

Here's the sentence it's in with a * as handy place hold for it's presensce...

So, yeh, this:

also have a set list:
1 桜Odyssey 
2 Jump' n Dash       
3 Ready Go
4 ボルケーノ
5 サマーパニックコネクション
6 あてにならない僕の天気予報

7 合鍵とナイフ
 Piano Intro      
8 Gypsy Count Nine  
 Bass Intro
9 Re-Negate Dive~嵐が丘~   
10 こぼれる太陽★
11 CELL   

12 出かけよう

13 キャノンボール★
14 Hello! Hello! Hello!
15 Rock' n Roll Joker
16 サンディー
17 ナルシストは眠らない
18 Always              

En1 ギリギラサマー★
En2 Bulldog66
En3 クロダ16才

oh and cake:

Katsu stole a cherry while Rin was trying to take a bite from it and he was all "HEYYYYYYYY THAT'S MY CAKE!!" also he so looked like he wanted to keep eating it!

Good boy now if you could just be like that with foodsy a little more I'd not have to worry about you passing out on me so much (talking of which that base intro between Gypsy and re-negative kept going and going and he was lent over the drum set and Katsu kept whispering at him and I was all "this better be you establishing atmosphere!!"...which it turned out it was still...)
So, yeh, third row and for those wanting to play spot the Otaku should photos appear I’m over on Katsu’s side o’ the stage, hopefully the red, red, hair will give me away!!

That aside I have a statement I wish to make:


It’s still not processing, it’s really not, I keep thinking it’s still tuesday and this is some form of halucination!

It doesn’t help that it was so sneeky! I mean we were just leaving and there he was to troll us all with a smile and a thanks!

Ugh he smiled such a dorky smile and made a sort of “oh ho” version of “ah” sound…then when I somehow managed to wish him happy birthday he was all “sankyu”


No you are utterly not allowed to be cute when you’ve just casually fulfilled my #2 lives dream you really aren’t.

Anyway outside of the utterly shot state of my emmotions right now have a sensible text themed repo :Collapse )

So that's both my boys 40ths done...guess the next one will be the "Bashi actually tells us what his age is at long, long, last" concert!

Though, you know, if SC announce something in September it would be sort of tempting to spontaniously fly over for it...though I only have a week off of work so I'm not certain how the jet lag logistics would work....

Oh and merch photos/scans as/when I'm back in England but if you can't wait until then there's a silly version o' the repo up on youtube as we speek!!
Firstly yes that bit in perenthases does mean that I'm now in Japan! Indeed I'm currently perched in a hotel room from which I can see the glorious lights of Shibuya and the milling chaos of the scramble crossing!

Secondly it's past midnight over here which means it's, offically, 6/6!!



Man how are you 40 already....actually scratch that how are you 40 at all??????

Predictably I drew art as is my habit:


Also one view:

And two photos on the theme of concert ticket!!:


Expect video + writen repo later this evening for me and tomorrow for you lot!

New hair and it's wonderously cherry, scarecrow Ito, red!

To complete the dork this was done with a hair colour #66 in the hair dressers chart.


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basically so you lot aren't missing out I spent today creating a whole bunch of silly shipping charts and ended out with this:

Rin/Taka is something I blame, entirely, on their cutsie interaction over the last few months.

As for Cheeseburger fun...I think you lot have bascially been there for me through all of that, lol!!
and, because I'm feeling nice today, have a cut :Collapse )

man but I wish I'd actually attended the one where OTP basically just had two tiny breaths of air between their lips of these!

ps. OMG WUT NEW LAYOUT?!?!?!?! :)




BRB dying in a corner here.

ESPECIALLY thanks to that hug.

My god it's as though they're never going to see each other again spoiers:it was only about 2 mnths!

Yes the rest is comming but, you know...